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'Amber, the freezing gold, that is not hot and is not cold
Has caught within its dreaming arms, the insects and the flowers charms
Time has kept as still as death, holding instant, every breath
Now from out our fading past, a scene which can forever last'

Name: Amber Earrings, and Pendants
Description: My Amber

• Butterscotch Amber• Cherry Amber

• Green Amber • Honey Amber
• Lemon Amber • Multicolour Amber
• Matching Sets

• Brown Amber Pendants

Name: Honey & Green Pendandts

Amber is a beautiful stone that is cut and polished and used as a valuable gemstone.

It is also a fossil and can contain many preserved insects and other animals and plants that are tens of millions of years old. The odd inclusions that are often seen in amber usually add to amber's unique look and in many cases greatly increase its value.


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