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STERLING SIVER BRACELETS                                                                       

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Links style bangle Open Link with puff heart bracelet Hermes style bracelet
Price: £92 Price: £74 Price: £160
Code: FW1 Code:FW2 Code:FW3


Ball bangle Delicate charm bracelet with small heart Snaffle bangle
Price: £68 Price: £32 Price: £51
Code:FW4 Code:FW5 Code:FW6


Links style charm bracelet with starfish GJ style bangle Snaffle bangle with black leather
Price: £92 Price: £84.00 Price: £60
Code:FW7 Code:FW8 Code:FW9


Kidney bean bracelet Cartier Style 3 ring bangle Teardrop bracelet
Price: £44 Price: £88 Price: £44
Code:FW10 Code:FW11 Code:FW12


Round spur bracelet Snaffle bracelet Square spur bracelet
Price: £54 Price: £56 Price: £54
Code:FW13 Code:FW14 Code:FW15



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